Fred Abuga

Sanaa Mtaani - Kunst in der Stadt

Fred Abuga

Fred Abuga

Fred Abuga, artist at Kuona Trust Art Centre


What is art for you? How does the city of Nairobi influence you? What do you think is the meaning of art in society?

Art is a personal language distinct from any other which can be used to express ideas and feelings.


From the Posho Mill

The city of Nairobi influences my work in many ways, but the greatest influence is that it offers a different colour scheme and mood, different from the fresh rural scenery.


The meaning of art in society is in a way to cloth the community. With beauty, to make life worth living and appreciating simple things that aide our day to day activities.

Einblicke in die gegenwärtige Kunst Nairobis.

Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch die Stipendiatische Projektkommission der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung