My Nairobi

Sanaa Mtaani - Kunst in der Stadt

My Nairobi

by Isabella Schulz


Whenever I come to a new place, I somehow connect with it, no matter if there are good or bad feelings. Some places I love; some places I hate, but there is always a connection.

But not with Nairobi. When I was there it just felt like any other faceless large city in the world. Perhaps it is because I have been visiting some East African cities before and expected something different. Or it is because we were living very close to the CBD (Central Business District) with all its glazed skyscrapers and suits visiting coffee shops.

Sometimes we just drifted through the chaotic turmoil of the city outside the CBD. And of course it was a lot of fun, wandering through the excursions of people, cars, buses, and goods. To dive into an alleged chaos with an order that is hard to figure out for a stranger.

In contrast to these chaotic impressions, there were the art centres like Kuona Trust. They are green, creative oases surrounded by the hustle and bustle of an urban jungle. But even there I could not relax entirely; being continuously afraid of missing out something important that was going on in the outside world.

All in all, these ten days were very restless for me. It certainly was fun to explore an unfamiliar city with a task at hand; giving the whole visit some structure. Nevertheless, I could not really get connected with Nairobi, although I would not like to miss this visit. I love to return some day to this city. Perhaps then, with a lot more time, I should stay a bit more out of town, I think. Hopefully, I will then manage to connect with the city.

Einblicke in die gegenwärtige Kunst Nairobis.

Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch die Stipendiatische Projektkommission der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung