Art-map of Nairobi

Einblicke in die gegenwärtige Kunst Nairobis.

Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch die Stipendiatische Projektkommission der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

Art Map Legend of Nairobi



a Kuona Trust Centre for the Visual Arts

Kuona Trust is dedicated to the generation, presentation, and promotion of innovative contemporary visual arts practice in Kenya. It provides artists' studios, a library, a programme of exhibitions, artists' talks, training & mentoring, education, and international exchange.


b Pawa254

PAWA 254 is Nairobi's unique social enterprise through which innovative professionals from diverse artistic fields

exploit their creative genius to foster social change. Among the creatives who collaborate in this dynamic space are photographers, graphic artists, journalists, musicians and poets. Significantly, promising youths are invited, both to make their contribution in this informal powerhouse and to receive mentorship from the experts.


c Goethe Institute


d The Maasai Market


e Kenya National Theatre

The Kenya National Theatre is part of the Kenya Cultural Center (KCC), a Semi Autonomous Government Agency under the Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture in Kenya. It is mandated to offer space for the rehearsal and staging of productions to both local and international repertoire.


f National Museum of Kenya


g Khewza Bed & Breakfast


h The GoDown Art Centre/Ketebul Music

The GoDown aims to develop independent artists across multiple art forms, and to participate in the advancement of the cultural sector, thereby contributing to the establishment of a robust arts and culture sector with expanding receptive audiences.

Ketebul Music is a not for profit non governmental organization based at the GoDown Arts Centre. It´s a record label, video production facility and recording studio. The unique mission is to combine the traditions of East African tribal music with the best of contemporary artists


i Banana Hill Art Gallery


Maasai Mbili (not marked on map)

Maasai Mbili is a community based artist group that was started in 2001. In 2003 Maasai Mbili acquired a space and turned it into a studio and a gallery in Kibera – “The M2 Art Centre”. Almost all the M2 activities are focused at Kiberan development through community interaction.

The centre is situated along Kibera Drive, just after Ayany Junction.